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Truly Private Cremation Guaranteed

Foster's Pet Cremation Services offers truly private cremations for those who request it.  Sadly, there have been a number of facilities that performed unscrupulious acts that caused a great deal of heart break and confusion for many unsuspecting customers.  To give our customers the peace of mind  that the ashes being returned to them belong to their pet and their pet only, we have constructed a color cordinated labeling system for your veterinarians office or directly through our facility. Most families recieve help from there veterinarians to get them  through this grieving process and are content with this decision, but some families choose to be there to bear witness. We offer by appiontments a special viewing area that adjoins our cremation chamber.  This viewing area allows you to safely view the cremation proceedings if you wish.  You may choose to verify the chamber is empty and return later that same day, because witnessing the pet in the chamber for some is simply too difficult. Or you may choose to verify that your pet is alone in the chamber and be present the whole time. 
If you select a private cremation for your pet we guarantee that:
  • Wether you are their or not the ashes returned to you will belong to your pet and only your pet. 
  • Your pet is treated with dignity and respect they deserve.
  • We will include a variety of urns to choose from to  help you with the closure so your not having to prolong the grieving process.

Our business is a family owned and operated company and as such our professional integrity is also our family name.  We want each and every one of our customers to know that we are handling their pets as if they were our very own.  We have modeled our business to provide the same level of service and dignity to families that a human funeral home would offer to any grieving family.  We understand that the service that we provide is far more than a simple business.  Your family's trust and the dignity of your beloved departed pet are safe in our hands, this is our guarantee to our customers and to ourselves.  

For questions about our cremation services please click here to visit our frequently asked questions page.